About Canada Ace

At Canada Ace, we stand at the intersection of precision and artistry, reshaping the world of commercial upholstery and furniture design. Octavia Arpanahi, our founder, is our driving force and a living testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Octavia Arpanahi's Vision

Octavia Arpanahi, a versatile business leader with a distinctive skillset, envisions a world where the harmony of form, function, and aesthetics prevails. Her journey commenced with certifications in Project Management (PMP), Risk Management (RMP), a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Engineering—foundations that underpin the core values of Canada Ace.

Through her PMP and RMP expertise and certifications, Octavia meticulously ensures that every project, whether crafting bespoke furniture pieces or managing large-scale manufacturing operations, unfolds with exacting precision, efficiency, and rigorous risk management.

Her MBA education equips her with a perceptive analytical mindset, empowering her to navigate market dynamics, formulate growth strategies, and excel in marketing and sales. Furthermore, Octavia’s engineering certification empowers her to uphold the loftiest quality standards throughout furniture production.

Octavia’s vision, encapsulated in her words, “Our creations are not merely furniture; they embody innovation and quality,” propels Canada Ace onward, serving as a resounding testament to our steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier, innovative, and strategically positioned furniture and upholstery solutions across a myriad of industries.

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